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There’s a lot of good that can happen when you travel the world and chase new experiences and cultures.

kenniz Travel Agency’s commitment is to do good through travel. Whether it’s showing our clients and travelers a good time or giving back to the community, we want the world to be a better place because we’re in it.

We arrange Comprehensive tour services for individuals, groups, couples, School Colleges, Academies, and Universities.

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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our mission is to make travel a Kenniz Travel and enjoyable experience for people of all backgrounds. We want to open you up to unique experiences, challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, expand your network and make you a more well-rounded individual based on your travel experiences.

Our core values are Integrity, Sustainability, Transparency, Impact, and Diversity

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Unveil the world of Kenniz Travels with our detailed video guide.Dive into the wide range of services we offer, from flight bookings to rental cars, and explore how we make travel planning a breeze.

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Our Promise

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

With over a decade of experience in creating travel solutions, Kenniz Travel & Tour regards our clients’ health, happiness, and well-being as our top priority. We offer a 100% credit postponement policy and a generous cancellation policy to allay any concerns.

Our Trips

Customized Trip

Your resource for finding the best custom travel planners worldwide. It is an easy time to Plan your travel with a custom travel planner to the destination of your choice.

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Group Trips

Group trips are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and share new experiences with friends worldwide. Make new friends while exploring new territories. Check out our exciting 2022 travel calendar.

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Private Trips

Private trips are perfect for you if you don’t have a group trip or the dates don’t work for you. You can book a private trip package, choose your own dates and select your tours and activities based on your own unique needs.

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Travel Planning

Starting at $45 per day, we can create a seamless travel plan for you. It’s convenient and easy. Planning trips can also be booked with friends and family.

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